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6D & 7D BIM

Pioneering 6D & 7D Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Next-Level Construction

Features of 6D & 7D BIM

Welcome to Eoloid Solutions, where we’re pushing the boundaries of construction innovation with our cutting-edge 6D and 7D Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions. Our advanced BIM offerings go beyond 3D and 4D modeling, delivering unparalleled insights, sustainability, and project management capabilities. Dive into the features, benefits, and how it all works below:

6D BIM: Sustainability Integration

Lifecycle Analysis

Eoloid’s 6D BIM extends project visibility beyond construction, providing comprehensive lifecycle analysis. It enables you to make informed decisions to reduce long-term operational costs and environmental impact.

Energy Efficiency

Optimize building designs for sustainability, ensuring compliance with green building standards and minimizing energy consumption.

Maintenance Planning

Predict maintenance needs, schedule repairs efficiently, and extend the lifespan of your assets.

7D BIM: Asset Management

Asset Tracking

Our 7D BIM adds a layer of asset tracking and management, allowing you to monitor and maintain your building components and systems throughout their entire lifecycle.

Data Integration

Seamlessly integrate asset data with IoT sensors and other monitoring systems for real-time status updates.

Facility Management

Simplify facility management by having all asset information, maintenance schedules, and historical data in one accessible platform.

How It Works

Data Collection

Eoloid’s BIM platform starts by collecting a vast array of data related to your construction project, including architectural, structural, MEP, and sustainability data.

3D Modeling

We build a detailed 3D model of your project, ensuring all components and systems are accurately represented.

4D & 5D Integration

We incorporate project scheduling (4D) and cost estimation (5D) into the model, ensuring all stakeholders have real-time visibility into project progress and budgeting.

6D Sustainability

Our 6D BIM extends the model’s capabilities to analyze energy consumption, lifecycle costs, and environmental impact.

7D Asset Management

With 7D BIM, we integrate asset tracking and management into the model, allowing you to monitor and maintain assets efficiently.

Eoloid Solutions

Benefits of 6D & 7D BIM

Eoloid Solutions is committed to pushing the boundaries of BIM technology, enabling construction professionals to excel in an ever-evolving industry. Our 6D and 7D BIM solutions are designed to provide you with the tools and insights needed to succeed in today’s complex construction landscape.

Holistic Insight

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your project from design to demolition and beyond, optimizing every phase for efficiency and sustainability.

Cost Savings

Accurate cost estimation and maintenance planning reduce operational costs and prevent unexpected expenses.


Minimize your project’s environmental footprint and comply with green building standards.

Asset Optimization

Effectively manage and maintain assets, extending their lifespan and maximizing ROI.

Streamlined Operations

Simplify facility management with easy access to asset information and maintenance schedules.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Make informed decisions based on real-time project data, enhancing project outcomes and client satisfaction.

Explore the future of construction with Eoloid Solutions’ 6D and 7D Building Information Modeling. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration and witness how our advanced BIM solutions can transform your projects and asset management practices.